I assist separating or divorcing individuals to collaborate and make decisions in the best interests for their children involving Co-Parenting Plans, Agreements (Memorandum of Understanding), and Custody Arrangements. 

I co-mediate with an attorney to offer full financial, property, and custody agreements.

Collaborative Law Coach

As a member of the Collaborative Team, I assist the client(s) to resolve  child related and other complex issues to enable the legal process to  move forward. My role as a coach helps the client better cope with  emotions, which might otherwise impede the divorce process. The focus is  the present and the future. The resolution is a constructive, civilized, and respectful process, which preserves the integrity of the family. The role of the coach is not to be a therapist, and does not deal with therapeutic issues. 

Parent Coordinator

I work with parents who are court ordered for Parent Coordination, or  attorney referred. Couples can also self refer. Focus is on helping couples to parent more effectively, open up and strengthen their communication skills, make decisions in the best interests of their children, and learn how to co-parent with respect, self-control, and good judgment