Psychotherapist, Mediator, Divorce Coach, Parent Coordinator

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We never know what life will present to us, or how we will cope with  whatever challenges we face. The key is how we handle these challenges,  and how we manage our strengths throughout adversity. 


I have been professionally committed to helping people through life-changing events, and assisting them to find their own inner strength for over 30 years. I help facilitate the process of helping someone empower oneself, or, I teach a couple how to reconnect after a breakdown in communication. 

As a psychotherapist, I treat a variety of mental health conditions including depression and anxiety, loss and separation, grief reactions, women’s issues, men and socialization, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and stress management. I also offer couple’s therapy and family therapy.  


At times, I may assist a couple to strengthen the core of their relationship, and other times help a couple to uncouple to begin the process of separation or divorce. Clinical focus is either with psychotherapy, mediation, or by my facilitating as a trained Collaborative Law Coach. Each process is unique and requires a different skill set. 

My training as a clinical social worker has enabled me to diversify and  train more intensively in areas of psychotherapy, couple’s therapy,  Mediation, Collaborative Law Coaching, and Parent Coordination.